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Our Mission

ISO-SEC is more than a Swiss Further Education Provider. It is a feeling. A feeling of success and prosperity. It is a portal to our globalised network. A network of owned companies around the world, that soon will be ready to offer an added value to all our students, as ISO-SEC will be well known not only to your country, but also to the country you wish to get a job. By supporting ISO-SEC, you support the future of countless people around the world.

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Created in 2017 in Switzerland as the continuation of Kingston Int. Group, in further/professional education, to give a chance to people with less or no access in high quality in further education, mainly in security, intelligence, law enforcement, and other specialisations.

We move the education in another level. We know that there is no other way to lead the world in prosperity, than to educate the people. But this should be affordable and should be a life-changing experience for the students. I think now you can understand why perfectionism it isn't just a "habit", but the need to exceed the limits of ourselves on a daily basis. Is our President's "rudeness" towards our team members who are slowing down ISO-SEC's progress, in a last attempt to make them wakeup, be better and follow.

What makes ISO-SEC unique is that we don't offer discounts to our ethics and quality, but only to our pricing. There are many occasions of people who wish us to help them get a certificate, but for this there is only one way. The "Swiss way". Either you take our program and you succeed, or you fail and nobody and nothing can help you to change this. Only your hard work and the willing of our teachers to make you understand it. Our point of view is only one. To make you skilled enough for the certificate you will receive.


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4. Cameroon

5. Kenya

our integrated services

PRICING Strategies

The harder thing is to offer the lowest possible prices. Very risky but very productive. Maybe this is the reason our competitors complaining that "we are destroying the market", but actually we are fixing it. Think about it.


We have ears open to peoples' needs. We design programmes that will offer them useful contents, building like this step by step a better CV for them.


From a short course, up to an MSc, our online platforms can offer educational programs in 24/7 basis, at a very competitive fees.


Via WhatsApp or Zoom, the webinars are the closest form to classroom programs. 


Nothing can replace the effectiveness of a classroom course. It is like a theatre comparison to a TV movie. TV movies are cheap and comfortable, but the communication of the theatre no TV movie can approach even.

MSc. programmes

How can we talk about MSc programmes? Are we an academic institution? No. Then? Our partnered university is. Ask about the Academic degree programmes we offer.


ISO-SEC's Alumni is very extended. More than 30,000 people are a part of it and grows by thousands every year.


ISO-SEC is the number one education provider in security, intelligence, investigations, counter-crime, law enforcement, justice and more. Before end of 2025, we believe that we will cover the most of our strategic countries around the world, by our OWNED local companies. So, what is the value of a local educator, front of ISO-SEC's network?


Who's else can offer a more valuable event accreditation than the awards of the

Our Process

Before you pay for a course, be sure that you can apply. So, except the short courses, be sure that you can meet the requirements of our professional diploma courses and of course the Academic Programmes we offer.

  • Planning

    Design your future. Get a general education and then chose your major carefully. Things can change. With a pleasure, we can help you choose the best for you. (Attention: not the best for us. The best for you. Only in ISO-SEC).

  • Organization

    We design programs that can shape the specialisation of your dreams. You can take many short courses and build your specialisation piece by piece. Except that you can take your time, you will pay partially (course by course) and arrive to your destination nice and easy.

  • Management

    We teach also management. How can we build a great future for our industry, if we aren't able to educate the tomorrow's security industry leaders?

  • Support

    We are here to show you the way and resolve your problems.


    Do you know why ISO-SEC leading the market? Because we are matter experts. We've been there before. Your labyrinth was our daily practice for decades.


    Do not mix them with Academic degrees. That's why we clear this. We do offer Professional Diplomas and we raise the level of the professionals.


    Your Academic Degree it is the result of hard work. Your degree should be recognised by the High Education Authority of the country that issued.


    Education and Training, from basic level for the beginners, up to experts.

    Accreditation and recognition, by offering badges, awards, and a globalised network of successful professionals.

    We offer free courses, MOOC, Certificates of Attendance, Certificates of Competence, Professional Diplomas, and Academic Degrees via our partnered universities.

    In some countries we offer practice and internship options, as well as free mentoring, ONLY IN ISO-SEC.

    Membership Options

    We offer Professional or Veteran Membership

    Verified Account Option

    Costs $25 the first year and $10 the rest and includes free verification options for up to 3 ISO-SEC and/or WBA certificates ($1 per extra certificate per year) and option to get all free online platform courses.

    Payment in Local Currency

    In more than 5 countries. More to follow.


    What People Say

    Best in the security field with family
    members since 1972

    ISO-SEC is a multinational conglomerate with its origins rooted in Switzerland. Established in 2017, ISO-SEC is dedicated to addressing the educational requirements of professionals in diverse sectors, including the Security Industry, Law Enforcement, Borders Protection, Intelligence, Military, Justice, Emergency Services, First Responders, Civil Protection, EMS/Paramedics, Forensics, Graphologists, Journalists, and more.
    At the core of ISO-SEC's philosophy is the conviction that education is pivotal in enhancing the efficacy of services rendered by our students in their respective roles. The proficient services delivered by professionals in the aforementioned sectors contribute to global peace, stability, and prosperity, ensuring the safety of our students, and their families, and fostering career advancements.
    The success of ISO-SEC is transparent, grounded in the provision of high-quality services, judicious reduction of tuition fees, and a steadfast commitment to eschewing a profit-centric mentality by selecting partners judiciously. The guiding principle, as articulated by our President Prof. Nikolaos Fokianos, emphasizes that the pursuit of Management and Economics is the privilege of the affluent, whereas ISO-SEC addresses the undereducated status of those engaged in Security and Law Enforcement. ISO-SEC, in collaboration with accredited universities, aims not only to elevate the educational standards of its courses but also to revolutionize the academic standing of countless individuals globally, infusing scientific rigor into the security sector, as crime necessitates a scientific approach.
    Our satisfaction lies not only in competitors emulating our strategies, potentially offering services at more competitive prices, but more so in witnessing that the original remains the preferred choice for students. As a Swiss entity, our allegiance is to local empowerment, distinguishing us from others who might align with foreign powers. ISO-SEC stands as a testament to social contribution.
    ISO-SEC operates within the larger framework of the F-Group (Fokianos Group), a virtual conglomerate that encompasses ISO-SEC, ISA, WBA, KINGSTON, and their various wings and projects. The group's lineage includes the International Security Association - ISA (founded in 1972, converted into a non-profit in 2017) and the World Bodyguards Association - WBA (founded in 1998, integrated into Kingston and ISA in 2010 and 2017, respectively). Kingston International Group GmbH became part of F-Group in 2010, followed by the inclusion of the International Security Organization (ISO-SEC) in 2017. Prospective participants should be cognizant of the organizational landscape they enter by engaging in activities affiliated with any F-Group member.
    It is imperative to exercise caution in the market, as there exist imitations attempting to impersonate ISO-SEC. Official F-Group members are identifiable by the inclusion of the F-GROUP or FOKIANOS GROUP logo alongside the firm's logo. Verification can be conducted by clicking on the F-GROUP or FOKIANOS GROUP logo and redirecting to, where specific company details can be accessed. In cases of uncertainty, contacting HQ will ascertain the authenticity of ISO-SEC/WBA/ISA/OTHER-owned companies or franchisees.

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    Our Courses

    1. Security Operatives
    From short courses up to MSc. in Security Management. We are the only registered badge provider globally, with more than 26 different badge programs.
    2. Intelligence
    The intelligence community appreciates our programs, like PSYOPS, Artificial Intelligence in National Intelligence, and many more. Only in ISO-SEC.
    3. Law & Order
    Human trafficking, counterterror, organized crime, drug enforcement, international police operations, and interconnection. Facilitated by Special Federal Agents
    4. Law & Justice
    Reformation of criminal justice to adopt new challenges, AI is the best tool in the hands of the criminal justice.
    5. Forensics
    Facilitated by top scientists with hands-on experience matter experts, in graphology and handwriting, medical science, and more.
    6. Criminology
    Criminology, body language, facial micro-expressions, advanced criminal profiling, and many more.

    Our lighthouse

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

    - Nelson Mandela

    Why Choose Us

    Since 2017
    We educate security, police, forensics, intelligence, military, and justice operatives.
    Team Of Experts
    Special Federal Agents, NSA, DEA, Interpol, and Matter Experts from the Private Security Industry and Academia.
    100+ Courses
    And counting. Each ISO-SEC country is forced to create its programmes, that we include in our programs.


    In ISO-SEC there are no barriers for students and teachers. Most of the organizations support human rights and equal chances, but how many not that young teachers are hired? Excluded Universities of course. ISO-SEC makes this commitment a reality. No barriers. No racism.
    Prof. Nikolaos Fokianos Forensics, Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies Educator.
    In ISO-SEC there are equal opportunities also in business development.
    Roberta Chase Accountant
    Profiling, body language, and facial microexpressions can be very useful to Customs, Police, Corrections, justice, investigators, intelligence analysts, and more.
    Jenna Simson Psychologist